Oct 16

Enjoy these photos from the last 7 days– it's hard to keep up with our teachers and their many ideas for student learning!

Oct 16

We had a fun Pumpkin Sensory center this week.  We felt the smooth skin, the rough stem, knocked on the outside to hear the sound it made.  Then we opened the pumpkin!  The insides were cold and slimy.  It smelled like delicious pumpkin.  We pulled out the seeds and strings and pulp.  We squeezed it in our hands and it was wet and gooey.  We each counted out ten pumpkin seeds.

Oct 5


Father Hurlbert joined Mrs. Boockmeier's PK4 classroom and shared some "Moo-licious Milkshakes"!




Oct 4

Today, the PK 3 children celebrated the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. In class we listened to a story about St. Francis and learned that he was a friend of animals. One day while teaching about Jesus the singing birds were so noisy that St. Francis asked them to be quiet. The birds were silent until he was finished preaching. St. Francis thanked the birds and then all the birds flew into the sky in the form of a cross.

Sep 29

Mrs. Kirchen' s PK 4 students met with Mrs. Douglas's 4th graders.  The preschoolers are grouped with one or more fourth grader.  The children made puzzle pieces showing some of their favorites and spent time getting to know one another.

Sep 27

Students in Mrs. Militello's class are recognizing their names on name tags. Everyone's name is special to them!

Sep 20

Busy Mrs. Bracco took two trips this week with her PK-3 students. Both the M-W- and the T-Th classes loved exploring the Oak Park Conservatory! They were on the look-out for a Prickly Pear Cactus, and they found it in the Desert Room.

Sep 15

The children in PK 4 viewed a copy (painted by an Ascension alum) of the painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat.

Sep 7

Early Childhood, Kindergartners and Mini-Chargers were delighted when a super-favorite character came to visit them today. He was very interested – you might say curious about the children and was thrilled when they wanted to hear one of his adventures. Mrs. Boockmeier read aloud from one of Margret and H.A. Rey's storybooks. Many thanks to Ascension's Development team for this wonderful enrichment presentation.

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Sep 7

It was great having a visit from Curious George!  We read the story "Curious George's First Day of School".  Students were excited to take pictures and give high fives to George!