Apr 16

Our preschoolers are learning about the Easter Good News and making decorations, too. Some  projects are "ooey-gooey" and others are more scientific!

Apr 15

The PK3 students are preparing for Easter by listening to stories about the First Easter. A favorite was The Donkey That No One Could Ride, this story tells the tale of the donkey that Jesus rode into town on Palm Sunday. The children are creating their own book about Easter. 

Apr 14

Students in PK through grade 6 were able to gather in the Ursuline Center for a presentation by Native Americans last week.

Apr 12

PK-4 invited parents in this morning to try for a hole in one our class room golf course.  We are learning about golf and the Masters tournament this week!  

Apr 10

So much is going on in the Preschool Classrooms this Spring!

Apr 6

PK 4 learns addition with Goldfish.

Apr 5

We have been learning about the different stages a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly, its metamorphosis.  First, you have an egg, then a caterpillar.  The caterpillar makes itself a cocoon or chrysalis.  Finally, out emerges a beautiful, colorful butterfly.  

Students have made life cycle necklaces, painted rainbow caterpillars and we even have 12 real caterpillars in our class to watch grow and change!

Mar 20

Celebrating Saints and Leprechaums seems to be in order this month!

Mar 19

PK 3 learned about Saint Joseph.  He was a part of the Holy Family; Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  He was Mary's Husband and Jesus' Father.  Joseph was also a carpenter.  PK 3 prayed to Saint Joseph to protect, watch over and bless all the fathers and grandfathers in our lives.  We also prayed for builders and to help us when we build with our toys.  Students made tool belts to help us remember Saint Joseph.

Mar 15

Preschoolers prepared for the wearin' of the green this week! As a STEM project PK-4 made bridges out of shiny pennies. Other fun Irish-themed activities followed -enjoy and Erin go Bragh!