Adult Faith Formation Committee

Invites Parishioners and Friends of Ascension

Thank you for all who joined us for - Deeper Faith + Love in Action = Good News People

The Adult Faith Formation Committee sponsored the Good News program on Tuesday evenings during the Easter Season. Through prayer, reflection, dialogue, and engagement, participants explored the demands of discipleship and what it means to follow Christ today.



Thank you to all who joined us February 8! Catholic Theological Union theologian discusses Pope Francis' vision

Some 40 parishioners and friends enjoyed a pre-Lenten lecture by Fr. Robin Ryan, professor of systematic theology at Catholic Theological Union – and they gave his talk an enthusiastic ‘thumbs up’ in their evaluations.

Fr. Ryan addressed five themes woven into Francis’ vision of Church:

  • The primacy of mercy
  • Communion and solidarity
  • A servant Church
  • A discerning Church
  • A contemplative Church

The program included small-group discussions around the Pope’s vision of Church and our own experience of it, as well as considering ways we can make the Church more welcoming.

Participants noted that Fr. Ryan was “knowledgeable, inspiring, humble and gracious,” not unlike our Pope.  It was “easy to follow his many stories and examples of Pope Francis’ choice of important themes.” 

Participants indicated they would like to hear Fr. Ryan again, and plans are in the work to invite him to discuss the meaning of suffering during Lent 2019.