Jan 7

“Wise Men still seek Him”

Remember to leave your Three Kings “action figures” out on your counter for a couple of weeks after you put your manger scene and Christmas decorations away. They can remind you to consider the following in connection with the gifts they offered the Christ-Child:

  1. Let the first King remind you to “go for the gold.” Consider how focused and determined you are in your faith journey.  Remember that our worship, our Catholic faith and the way we practice it… This is either the most serious thing in the world, or the most ridiculous and absurd. Gold a reminder that this project of being a disciple of Jesus is worth giving our all for.
  2. The second King brought a gift, frankincense, whose fragrance impacts everyone in the area. Let this King remind you of the communal aspect of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Remember the line: spirituality is about “me;” religion is about “we.”  We need each other; it is important to be together (especially on Sundays).
  3. The third King’s gift, myrrh, was used to prepare bodies for burial, and so carries the connotation of PREPARATION. Let this King remind you to prepare for each cay by praying in the morning, to prepare for Sunday Mass by reading through the scripture passages beforehand (here’s a link to next Sunday’s Readings:http://usccb.org/bible/readings/011319.cfm ), to prepare for making good decisions and living as a witness to the Truth by studying the scriptures and the catechism.  

Thus can we be among those wise men and women of today who still seek Him!

Image is The Three Kings, a painting by Miki De Goodaboom. Image found at https://fineartamerica.com/featured/1-the-three-kings-miki-de-goodaboom....

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