Dec 3

2018 Advent Series!

Please join us on December 4, 11, and/or 18 at 7 PM in the Parish Center for our Advent Series: Encountering Rich Treasures of our Catholic Faith.

For many of us, Advent means the bustle of decorating and cookie baking, family and social gatherings, gift purchasing, wrapping, and exchanging. We are surrounded with consumer messages even while we try to set aside time for the true message of this liturgical season: preparing for Christ to come again into our hearts, into our families, into our world! Somehow this disconnect leaves us wanting for something more.

You are invited to give yourself a gift this Advent and spend some time (re)discovering some of our rich Catholic treasures. This year on three Tuesday evenings in December, we will host a short (but spectacular!) series on some of our rich Catholic traditions. If you are interested in Catholicism or married to a Catholic or just feel it’s been a while since you had any formal Catholic teaching, this series is for you! Come for 1, 2 or all 3 evenings. Learn More:

Please join us on December 4, 11, and/or 18 at 7 PM as we explore Prayer, Sacraments, Mary, Saints, and Church. Depending on the topic(s) and evening conversation, we will conclude around 8:30 PM. To learn more or to register, please email Mary Catherine at or call 708-434-1533. (It’s helpful to know numbers for handouts, but feel free to come last minute.)

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