Claret Center Counseling Services at Ascension Parish

Welcome Conrad Burbank, M.S., LPC

Greetings! My name is Conrad Burbank and I am the parish counselor for the 2018-19 year at Ascension Parish through Claret Center. I hope to serve parishioners by providing counseling to those who may feel a range of emotions such as, feeling down, lonely, worried, alone, conflicted, or uncertain about what direction to go in life. I believe that a safe and warm environment in the context of a strong relationship are essential components to the healing process. I work to provide an equal and respectful relationship where clients can feel empowered and curious to explore hidden aspects of their inner life. In addition, through empathy and respect, clients can feel free to open up and share vulnerable feelings without being criticized or judged.

I am a strong believer in clients’ innate capacity for growth and healing. I have received training in integrating Catholic Christian theology and anthropology with Clinical Psychology. One of the most important things I have learned is that each client has innate dignity and deserves respect as persons made in the image and likeness of God. I look forward to meeting and working with whoever is placed in my vocational path.

Please call to schedule a confidential appointment. Sliding scales are available and most BCBS PPO insurance plans are accepted. Sessions are held at a private parish office in the building across from the church.


Conrad Burbank, M.S., LPC

Phone: 847-780-7266