Confirmation Grades 7-12

Be Sealed with the Spirit
Ascension’s standard process for Confirmation begins in the fall of a child’s 7th grade year and continues until they are confirmed in the fall of their 8th grade year.  As Confirmation is a decision made by the adolescent, students in 7th grade do not have to enroll in Confirmation that year.  They can choose to join the process at any time after 7th grade when they feel ready to make the commitment to seal their Baptismal promises.

Working with students of a “non-traditional” age will vary based on the year and number of students who come forward to be confirmed.  Each year an informational meeting is held in the Fall for families to learn about the process and to indicate their desire to participate in the Confirmation journey.  If there are enough older teens who would like to be confirmed, we will do our best to create an awesome small group faith experience for you!


Confirmation is facilitated by our Youth Minister/Confirmation Coordinator and IS geared towards those in 7th grade.  Preparation for Confirmation is a two year program starting in 7th grade and continuing through 8th gradeCandidates must be either students at Ascension School or students in the Ascension Religious Education Program. Candidates will work in and out of class on assignments in the Confirmed in the Spiritbook (Loyola Press) that will be turned in or checked by their Catechist or Religion Teacher.  Candidates are given a workbook with 8 chapters to review, a personal journal for their own reflections and a piece with conversations between the candidate and their sponsor.  In addition, the candidates will complete a Confirmation Log which will reflect on their Bible & Faith Conversations, Service Work and Faith Boosters. Candidates will also complete three 1-2 page typed papers discussing aspects of our faith - Holiness & Saints, Bible Reflection & Sponsor Conversation and Faith & Service.  

A service retreat will be held in January with four formation meetings, which are experiential in nature, in February, March, April and October.  Please see the Program Overview for the dates of the meetings.  


Per Archdiocesan guidelines, students must be enrolled for two consecutive years in either a religious education program or a Catholic school in order to receive the Sacrament.  This means that at the minimum, students must be enrolled in our religious education for the entirety of their 7th and 8th grade year.  (However, we highly encourage enrollment in our religious education program for their entire junior high years.)  We will work with any new families to best understand your past and present needs and see how they correspond with our process. 

Confirmation Program Overview/Calendar 2018
Candidate Information Form 2017-18
Candidate Register Form 2017-18
Confirmation Meeting #4 - Gifts of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost (May 20, 2018)

Please find the audio files for the talks from the fourth Confirmation Formation Meeting here.  Sponsor and Candidates, please take some time to listen to and talk about them.  There is about 55 minutes of audio time and you should probably spend at least 30-60 minutes talking about your reaction to the talks.


QUESTIONS? Please contact the Youth Ministry and Confirmation Coordinator: 
Matt Goto 708-434-1555;