Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council – The primary role is to act as consultants to the Pastor; secondary role is to exercise shared responsibility with the pastor for the pastoral life of the parish. (Council members are discerned.)

Our Parish Council members are: Joe Barabe, Susie Cahill, Julie Duff, Dale Glanzman (chair), Stacey Hess, Shawn Huffman, Mike Klawitter, Lisa Reed, Josh Risley, Marla Schwarber, Michaelene Senello, Kim Stark, and Katrina Vigsnes.
Our Council members run the gamut from newer parishioners to life-long parishioners. Those whose children attend or attended our School and Religious Education program have been active as volunteers, coordinating activities such as Mission Day and serving as catechists. They have been involved in (sometimes serving as officers with) parish ministries and organizations including Home and School, Stewardship, Community Garden, Women’s Spirituality, Parents of Little Ones (POLO), Christmas Angels, Living Your Strengths, Peace and Justice, and Appalachian Service Project (ASP).  They have served as coaches, volunteers for Housing Forward, Angel Cooks, and leaders for Boy/Girl Scouts and Brownies/Cub Scouts.  Many have been served in liturgical ministries such as Reader, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, and leader of Children’s Liturgy of the Word. Some have participated in the parish small faith sharing groups.  

September 2018 Meeting Summary

October 2018 Meeting Summary

January 2019 Meeting Summary

February 2019 Meeting Summary

March 2019 Meeting Summary


Finance Committee

The committee meets every other month and is responsible for long-term planning, ongoing review of current operations, annual operating budget and review of monthly cash statements and financial profit and loss reports. Members are appointed by the Pastor.  The finance committee consists of Tom Brooker- chair,
Walter Healy, Tom Chapleau- RE Board representative, Amy Lee, School Board representative, Joan Waldron, Bill Skalitzky, Pete Gancer, Jeff Smart, and Jim Schumacker


School Board

The Ascension School Board is an advisory group which assists the Pastor and Principal. It develops and recommends policies, recommends the School's budget, recommends tuition rates to the Pastor, helps to promote the School and its programs, and assists with fundraising. To learn more about the school board, including members, visit the Ascension School Board web page.


Religious Education Board

The Religious Education Board is an active board that keeps the Religious Education Program at Ascension thriving.   All registered members of the parish are eligible to run. The RE Board advises the Coordinator of Religious Education.  They represent the needs and perspective of RE families to the Finance Committee and Parish Council.  The board is also in charge of organizing and leading community building and fundraising events such as: Advent Sale, Christmas Pageant, Casino Night, and Mardi Gras.  Members serve a term of three years and meet once a month.

The 2018 Board Members are Eduardo DeSantiago, Rob Guenther, Emily Masalski, Bill McLaughlin, Lisa Richert (co-chair), Jim Schwarber (co-chair), Nan Walicki.