Liturgical Ministries at Ascension
To inquire about joining any of our Liturgical Ministries, please contact the Parish Office.
Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Most weeks during the 9 AM Mass, children are “dismissed” with their Catechists to experience the Liturgy of the Word in a context more suited to their age and experience.  Aimed at children ages 4-8, they hear the Scripture, sing the Psalm, and participate in a dialogue homily which allows greater access and understanding of the Word of God. To volunteer, please contact Sue Talbot at

Music Ministry

The primary goal of this ministry is to encourage and support the sung prayer of the gathered assembly. There are two adult choirs, one children’s choir, as well as an intergenerational contemporary ensemble of singers and instrumentalists for teens and adults. In addition, parish instrumentalists are invited to share their talents with the community as well. Cantors who lead and animate the assembly in sung prayer are a vital part of the overall music ministry.


Volunteers of all ages have the sacred duty of proclaiming the assigned readings from the Old and New Testament at Mass. Upcoming Lector training.

Baptism Preparation 

Team members conduct preparatory sessions once a month for parents wishing to baptize their children, assist during the celebration of the sacrament by setting up for the ceremony, welcoming the families and their guests, and assisting the priest or deacon as needed.

Eucharistic Ministers

In this ministry mandated parishioners are offered the opportunity of meeting people in the most sacred of Catholic encounters, the sharing of the Eucharist. Upcoming Eucharistic Minister training.

Wedding Coordinators

A wedding coordinator conducts the wedding rehearsal in church and ensures that everyone in the wedding party understands his or her role and placement before and during the procession, ceremony and recessional. She gives instruction to the wedding party and others, prepares the readers, and performs other duties as needed.  On the day of the wedding she will arrive at church in advance of the wedding ceremony to set up and answer questions, will stay throughout the wedding to offer assistance and ensure the ceremony runs smoothly. She will also  clean up the church after the wedding.

Marriage Mentors

Married couples who have been married at least 5 years go through training to work with one engaged couple at a time in 4 to 6 sessions in the mentor couple’s home to focus on issues such as communication, conflict resolution, family issues, finances, sexuality and many other areas.

Mass Servers

These young men and women are trained to assist the priest during the celebration of the Eucharist and at weddings and funerals in the parish. They are usually from the upper elementary grades of both the parish school and Religious Education program. Sometimes called "acolytes," they carry the processional cross and candles, hold the sacred books for the presider and assist with the gifts at the presentation during the Eucharist. Recruitment and training of servers take place in the fall of each year and they are assigned to Masses on a rotating basis.

Mass Sacristans

Sacristans keep the church and the many objects needed to celebrate the liturgy clean and in good order.


Men and women serve as ushers at all weekend – and many holy day – Masses to help orchestrate the usual and unexpected / emergency “people movement” aspects of the celebrations. 


One of the parish’s newest ministries, greeters are stationed at each of the entrances 15 minutes before each weekend Mass to greet attendees, helping communicate that “all are welcome.”

Art & Environment Committee

This group oversees  the seasonal decorations of the church for liturgy and the devotional spaces where our community worships.