Right of Christian Initiation of Adults

Adult: Thinking of Becoming Catholic?

Baptized Catholic, But Never Raised in the Faith?

If you are thinking about inquiring into the Catholic Faith or were baptized Catholic but received no other Sacraments, we invite you to find out more.  Inquiry sessions are taking place now.  These sessions invite you into a deeper understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ and allow you a glimpse into the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church.  As an Inquirer, there is no formal commitment or promise to become Catholic; just a genuine interest in finding out if this religion best helps you respond to the invitation from Jesus to “come and see.”  Our sessions include attendance at 9 AM or 11 AM Mass followed by a gathering to go more deeply into the Scripture of the Sunday and see the connections to our Catholic traditions and beliefs.

The process begins with a one-on-one meeting with our Pastoral Associate, Mary Catherine Meek.  To set an appointment, please call 708-434-1533.

Additional Information for Teens and Adults.