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Oct 19

How did these ghosts get into our preschool classrooms? Find the answer on Mrs. Bracco's Page and on Mrs. Militello's Page!

Oct 16

We had a fun Pumpkin Sensory center this week.  We felt the smooth skin, the rough stem, knocked on the outside to hear the sound it made.  Then we opened the pumpkin!  The insides were cold and slimy.  It smelled like delicious pumpkin.  We pulled out the seeds and strings and pulp.  We squeezed it in our hands and it was wet and gooey.  We each counted out ten pumpkin seeds.

Oct 5


Father Hurlbert joined Mrs. Boockmeier's PK4 classroom and shared some "Moo-licious Milkshakes"!




Oct 4

Today, the PK 3 children celebrated the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. In class we listened to a story about St. Francis and learned that he was a friend of animals. One day while teaching about Jesus the singing birds were so noisy that St. Francis asked them to be quiet. The birds were silent until he was finished preaching. St. Francis thanked the birds and then all the birds flew into the sky in the form of a cross.

Sep 29

Mrs. Kirchen' s PK 4 students met with Mrs. Douglas's 4th graders.  The preschoolers are grouped with one or more fourth grader.  The children made puzzle pieces showing some of their favorites and spent time getting to know one another.