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Oct 06

Students in PK 4 and their families made scarecrows.

Sep 29

All of our classes have visited the Oak Park Conservatory! We saw beautiful plant life. Some of our favorite plants were the Cacao tree, several Citrus trees, the Prickly Pear cactus, the "Old Man" cactus, and the Papaya tree...just to name a few. We enjoyed using our Binoculars to see the HUGE Koi fish and turtles in the pond. It was also fun to try and talk to the parrots; Sarah, George and Skipper also known as "I Bite".

Sep 01

PK 4 is a busy place.  Take a peek at our day.

Sep 01

PK 3 and Multi-Age read the story "I Love You All Day Long".  Owen was going to preschool and was sad because his mom couldn't go with him.  Owen's mom told him, "I love you when we are together and apart".  She loves him even when he is at school.  We made our own Owen Puppets to put on a puppet show and to play with.

Aug 21

It was a pleasure meeting ALL of our students, parents and family members during the Open House.  Looking forward to great 2017-18 school year!!