May 21

PK-4 students of Mrs. Boockmeier and Mrs. Kirchen presented their year-end Sing today! Parents and guests were delighted with the program, and stayed for an ice cream social afterwards. Congratulations to all! Please view our Gallery, which includes a video!

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May 12

PK3 has been studying the life cycle of butterflies over the last few weeks.  We learned that caterpillars, grow bigger, make a cocoon or chrysalis and then become beautiful butterflies.  This week our butterflies were ready to be released into nature.  See pictures in our Butterfly Gallery!

May 6

Kindergartners and preschool children, teachers and aides gathered in church on May 6 for a lovely prayer service honoring Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Mrs. Christine Ondrla led a discussion of Mary's role, and that Jesus gave her to us as a Mother to us all. Flowers were presented to Mary, and the Hail Mary was prayed and sung.

May 5
Mrs. Militello's PK-3 class had a wonderful time with all the visiting grandparents and grand-friends on May 3rd. Visit her page to see a Gallery of photos!
May 3
May 1

PK-4 students and 4th graders  meet 3 different times for this STEM activity. The challenge is to drop an egg from a high place, wrapped so the egg will not break. 

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May 1
Apr 30

PK-4 students observed the life cycle of Painted Lady butterflies this Spring! On a sunny day, the butterflies were released to flitter on clothing and fingers and finally to fly away.

Apr 30

Our caterpillars are out of their cocoons!  We put the butterflies in a large tent.  We added some food like; sugar water and oranges.  Then we all had a turn going inside the tent.  The butterflies would fly around us and sometimes they landed on us!  They tickle when they walk on our arms or hands.  We could even see their tongues they use like a straw to drink up their food.

Apr 29

Today students in PK-4 - grade 6 learned about environmental challenges at the Joey Fine Rhyme Assembly. Focusing on energy, climate, and waste, he inspired students in believing they can make a positive difference in their world. Teachers thought his message and presentation were on point, well-presented, and definitely engaging and memorable for the kids. The dress in the photo was made of plastic bags!