Jan 18

Mrs. Militello's class is turning their room into a Winter Wonderland! The students have assorted shapes, glue and lots of glitter for making decorations shine. All the pictures are on Mrs. Militello's Teacher Page!

Jan 15

Our youngest Chargers are learning and exploring every day! Pk-3 students express themselves artistically using cotton swabs to paint, while 4-year-olds set goals for the New Year, flip frogs and enjoy learning through play.  Visit our Preschool Teacher Pages!

Dec 23

4th graders and PK 4 students had a chance to exchange Christmas cards today!

Dec 7

What a busy week the preschoolers have had. There was a Gingerbread Man on the loose! Fortunately, after wanted posters advertised the missing G-Man, he was captured.Turns out he was a very sweet guy. (More on Mrs. Kirchen's Page!)
The 4th graders visited their buddies in Mrs. Boockmeier's room to accomplished an important task: help write letters to Santa. Well done, 4th grade!

Dec 7

This week the children put on their "scientists " hat and predicted what would happen to candy cane if placed  in a jar with tap water, bubbly water, and vinegar. Our predictions included sink, float, explode, melt, and turn pink. We had fun watching the changes until the candy canes disappeared.

Dec 7

Mrs. Boockmeier's PK4 Class participated in this years Christmas Angel Project. Thanks to the generosity of our classroom families, we were able to purchase some wonderful gifts for our children, a one year old girl and a three year old boy. We enjoyed seeing all the things they will be receiving on Christmas morning!

Dec 7

Mrs. Boockmeier's PK4 Class had a surprise visit from a very special person today! It was Mrs. Claus! Since Santa is so busy, (well, so is Mrs. Claus for that matter), but she was still able to take some time to help Santa out today to get more info from students to find out if there were any last minute Christmas wishes!

Dec 4

This week our Early Childhood students attended an Advent Prayer led by Chris Ondrla.  Through prayer and song, students, teachers, and parents kicked off our Advent season.   Mrs. Ondrla talked with the students about Christ being our light.  That is why we light a candle each week.  She also told the kids that although waiting for Christmas is difficult, we could use this time to be more like Jesus.

Nov 19

Christine Ondrla led a Thanksgiving Prayer Service for our Early Childhood student. The children brought a food item to share as part of our school wide food collection. We listened and sang about sharing and caring for all the gifts from God that we are thankful for at this special time of year.

Nov 17

Mrs. Kirchen morning and afternoon classesbaked pumpkin bread.  Each child had a mini loaf to take home. How tasty!