Mar 15

Preschoolers prepared for the wearin' of the green this week! As a STEM project PK-4 made bridges out of shiny pennies. Other fun Irish-themed activities followed -enjoy and Erin go Bragh!

Mar 11

Remember to bring supplies for Rwanda.  Let’s fill up the suitcases! This year we're accepting supplies and monetary donations to benefit His Chase Foundation, an organization that supports the education of over 250 orphans in western Rwanda.

Mar 9

We are studying about animals in pre k 4  and we turned our dramatic play area into a zoo.  Kids are loving it!!!

Feb 11

Parents should be aware that PK-3 and PK-4 are having a regular school day.on Mission Day!

All day PK3 arrives at 8:10 and dismisses at 2:50

PK3 morning class arrives at 8:10 and dismisses at 11:00

AM PK 4 and PK 4 full day are going to Mission Day as a class from 9:15 - 9:45. 

PM PK 4 will have games in the classroom.  


Jan 26

How much do we love Ascension? Read the hearts on Mrs. Kirchen's page to count the ways!

Jan 25

Mrs. Bracco's and Mrs. Militello's Pre-K-3 students have had a very wintery week! Children got to ice skate in the classroom, make fun messy melted snowman pictures and even had a snowball fight! See all the pictures and a video on either Mrs. Bracco's Page or Mrs. Militello's Page.

Jan 15

Our youngest Chargers are learning and exploring every day! Pk-3 students express themselves artistically using cotton swabs to paint, while 4-year-olds set goals for the New Year, flip frogs and enjoy learning through play.  Visit our Preschool Teacher Pages!

Jan 11

Our PK-4 students got busy this week making penguins! With the help of their teachers and aides they created this winter wonderland bulletin board for the office lobby. It will bring cheer to all this January. Well done!

Dec 13

Mrs. Kirchen's studnets are learning about Advent and Jesus' birth.


Dec 7

This week the children put on their "scientists " hat and predicted what would happen to candy cane if placed  in a jar with tap water, bubbly water, and vinegar. Our predictions included sink, float, explode, melt, and turn pink. We had fun watching the changes until the candy canes disappeared.