Oct 16

We had a fun Pumpkin Sensory center this week.  We felt the smooth skin, the rough stem, knocked on the outside to hear the sound it made.  Then we opened the pumpkin!  The insides were cold and slimy.  It smelled like delicious pumpkin.  We pulled out the seeds and strings and pulp.  We squeezed it in our hands and it was wet and gooey.  We each counted out ten pumpkin seeds.

Apr 19

Applications for Ascension's need-based scholarships are due tomorrow, April 20th. All applications should be submitted through FACTs tuition management system.

Questions? Contact Mary Fitch

Nov 27

Calling all Bakers! Cookies needed! The AWC Cookie Walk & Christmas Market is this Saturday! To sign up to bake go here.

Nov 27

Whether it's Cyber Monday or any other shopping day, go to Amazon Smile and choose Ascension School. When you shop through Amazon Smile, Ascension receives a donation from every purchase!

Jul 5

Wow! June flew by so quickly!

The office will be open intermittently during the month of July. It opens August 1st on a daily basis (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM). You can drop any papers off at the Parish Center if the school is closed. You will be receiving a Summer Mailing that will include Emergency Medical Forms that will need to be completed for EACH child in the school, along with class lists, and other pertinent school start-up information. Happy Summer!

Feb 1

 Ascension School Board presents Why Ascension? Making the Catholic Education Choice

May 30

It's never too early to order supplies. Make life easier by ordering a complete school supply kit with exactly what's required for each grade! Sales though Schoolbox benefit Ascension's Boy Scout Troop 20.

Go to Ascension's Order Page

School Supply List for 2016-2017

Sep 5

Here's Wolfie, the friendly wolf puppet in Mrs. Creed's Music room. PK-4 children know that Wolfie can only hear our singing voices. We sing to Wolfie, and he sings to us!

Oct 27

On Halloween, we came in our costumes and had a parade. We went to the Parish Center and walked around the school. In the classroom, we had a party! PK4 learned about spiders. We made spiders from marshmallows and pretzel sticks. Yum!