Baptismal Preparation

Preparing for the Sacrament of Baptism is a joy for the Catholic Faith Community.  Staff members meet with families asking for Baptism for their child to welcome them and help them prepare for this important sacrament.  For those who are first time parents, there are 3 meetings that are part of the process of preparation: an initial “intake” session, often done in a group with other parents; a formal presentation on the sacrament for those first time parents; and a follow-up session for all those who have had a child baptized to evaluate the process and consider ways to share their faith with their child as they grow.

The dates and times for Baptism and Intake and Preparation Sessions vary. Follow these links for the most current information or contact Mary Catherine Meek, Pastoral Associate.

Infant/ Child


Contact Mary Catherine Meek at (708) 434-1533 or