Aug 7

Energetic Volunteers Needed to work with our Middle Schoolers!

The Religious Education Board and I envision a religious education program that does not put the middle schoolers to sleep.  We want to build community, identity and faith in Jesus Christ.  With this goal in mind I searched for a middle school curriculum that has a strong textbook, but more importantly has lesson plans that gets learners out of their seats and engaged in diverse group learning activities.  I found such a curriculum by Saint Mary’s Press, The Catholic Connections Handbook.  Now I need to find adult leaders who like tweens and embrace their need to question and explore their faith.  Also, these volunteers have to be able to carve out a few hours each week to prepare the lessons and email me a supply list so everything is ready for class.  We are looking for four middle school catechists for our Tuesday 6:45-8:00 classes or on Sunday at 10:00. If this makes sense to you, please answer the Holy Spirit’s call by giving me a call to find out more about this very important ministry.

Thank you,

Diane Lawrence Moriarty

708.848.3099 or


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