Apr 23

THANK YOU to our wonderful Catechists!

Thank you, Catechists!

In the community of Ascension there are 89 men and women who serve as catechists, catechist aides or volunteer office aides in the Religious Education Program and SPRED Program. For the past year, they have been engaged in a labor of love – God’s love. In the name of all the people of Ascension, I express our profound gratitude for the gift these catechists have given to our parish. On Sunday morning, April 29, we will gather for an Appreciation Brunch and celebration. It is one way we have of saying, "Thank You." I invite every parishioner to add their own prayers for these volunteers. They represent our community in the religious education classrooms and the SPRED Program. They do God's work and speak God's word. Let us ask God's blessing on them as they complete their ministry for this ye

Mindy  Agnew

Toni Angelini

Allison Aparicio

Kathryn Bales

Tonia Binder

Annie Breitenstein

Katie Broussard

Fran Buhmann

Rachel Burger

Jeff Chandler

Heather Cohen

Maia Connor

Kay Costello

Donna Culver

Margie Czerwionka

Jay Dauksas

Eva Dominguez

May Dougherty

Nate Elder

Nancy Fitzgerald

Maura Flanagan

Nora Flynn

Erminia  Garcia

Christian  Golden

Kelly Good

Michi Goto

Matt Goto

Ed Hartman

Alicia Heinzmann




Mackenzie Hepburn

Kathleen Hepburn

Rosie Hepner

Sharon  Hermanns

Rose Hermanns

Nancy  Hoehne

Cheryl Holtz

Maia Huang

Sue Kehias

Alyssa Kelly

Cathi Knickrehm

Monika Knickrehm

Lilly Koenig

Jodi Kolo

Elizabeth Krishnan

Beata  Kruss

Emma Lofgren

Susan  LoGiudice

Lisa Magnuson

Linda Marko

Liz Mazur

Anne McDonnell

Liz McNeilly

Tim  Milinovich

Cathy  Morgan

Stephen Nache

Jack Nowicki

Peter O'Leary

Christine Ondrla

Jolene Ostry



Aberdeen Ozga

Ruthie Petrick

Kathy Petsche

Linda Pierre

Elaina Raffensperger-Schill

Diana Rangel

Lisa Richert

Annabelle Richert

Josh Risley

Ann Roach

Paul Rubio

Ed Rubio

Lisa Runge

Greg Sanders

Jim  Schwarber

Jamie Schwarber

Kathy  Scott

Mary Sluka

Asope Sokan

Ellen Strizak

Jim Sullivan

Peggy Swanson

Nancy Toranzo

Gina Trevino

Cybele Vergara

Lucas Vergara

Mary  Vestal

Bill Wallace

Kathie Walsh

Carole Woods




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