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Aug 14

Athletics at Ascension are very popular extracurricular activities. The Ascension Athletic Program consists of four sports played interscholastically with other Catholic grade schools. School begins next week, but you can register for Fall sports now! Register for Cross-Country Registration (co-ed Grades 5-8) and Fall soccer (co-ed, grades 3-8) today!

Aug 14

Did you know that the Windmills 10U travel softball team won the NAFA National Championship in July? Quite an accomplishment for Ascension students Margaret Price (Grade 5) Samantha Steinhofer (Grade 6) . Congratulations to you and to all your teammates and coaches!

Jul 29

Our Ascension School website include the minutes of each School Board meeting! In fact, minutes are archived on the School Board Page for the last several years of meetings. Be "in the know" about our school! Accomplishments, events and plans for the future are all included in the monthly minutes. You can also meet the School Board members on the School Board Page.

Jul 25

Along with all the fun in the sun this summer, you've probably been wondering what the new school flooring will look like. Wonder no more! Thanks to Mr. Sengstock, here's a sneak peek at the 2nd floor of school.  Now, back to your summer vacation!

Jul 14

Working with the Cook County Farm Bureau, Mr. Sengstock spent three days at various farms learning more about Illinois agricultural production, science, technology, and economics. Did you know that Illinois grows more pumpkins than any other state? Did you know all milk is free of antibiotics? Have you heard of the EverCrisp apple?  It’s the next big thing in the apple business. The 13 destinations on the trip included visits to a dairy farm, a beef farm, a vineyard, an apple orchard, a goat farm, a wool fiber mill, a distillery, and a dog treat factory.