In the trees at Iron Oaks
Sep 7

8th Graders Experience the Ropes Course

Ascension students attend Irons Oaks Environmental Learning Center in Olympia Fields to be exposed to team building, leadership training, and problem solving skills outside of the classroom. Students spend half of the day in groups of 12-14 tackling physical challenges at  ground level. This part of the experience requires collaboration and brainstorming solutions at the ground level.  

The second part of the day takes place 30 feet above ground as students put on helmets and harnesses to conquer the high ropes course.  Students partner up and choose various pathways on the course, including walking across a wire cable and clawing across a large net. Working in pairs, students motivate one another, offering encouragement, guidance, and a helping hand whenever needed.  In this "challenge by choice " setting, students are able to safely explore new horizons, take risks, and push themselves to new levels.  In the end, a fun time was had by all. The Class of 2019 attended on September 7.


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