Jun 4

It's time to elect Student Council officers for 2018-19! Today the 2nd floor halls were decorated with fun and colorful posters, aiming to sway the vote. Tomorrow is Button Day, followed be speeches by the candidates on Wednesday and, naturally, the election.

Mar 27

Excitement is growing for the 2018 Kathy Adams Run-a-Thon, coming up soon on April 13th! Take a look at our Run-a-Thon Video on the Run-a-Thon Page, and remember that pledges can be made online! Keep running and rope-jumping during Easter Break!

Mar 22

Our K-4th grade chess club won first place for primary grades at the St. Mary of Riverside Chess Scholars tournament last month. Very impressive! Congratulations to the whole team!

Mar 12

The excitement was palpable in the gym on Friday night as our 6th and 8th grade boys won their games against St Vincent. The  5th boys fought valiantly but were defeated, Grade 7 won over St. John Vianney. We had a great crowd of dedicated parents and fans! There's nothing like the excitement of Pack the Place at Ascension! Go Chargers!

Mar 8

View Gallery  Reading Olympics is a team competition for 5th graders. What enthusiastic readers! Students create teams of three and invent a catchy team name, then answer lots of questions about the required books they have read. Here are this year's results:
Reading Rogue Turtles - Catherine, Samantha and Margaret (1st)
Rapid Readers - Henry, James and Logan (2nd)
Reading Revolution - Sammy, Nico, Jorge (3rd).

Mar 6

On Saturday, March 3rd, eight Ascension students participated in the Band Solo Festival. Students perform on their instruments and are evaluated by judges for musicianship. Mr. Shepera is pleased to announce the results:
4th graders Emerson Diebold, alto sax, GOLD, Morrison Luban, trumpet, GOLD, 5th grader Grace Treese, clarinet, GOLD, 6th graders Karla Armadillo, clarinet, GOLD, Declan Huggins, trumpet, GOLD. 7th graders Adrian Salgado, alto sax, GOLD, Dario Santoy, alto sax, GOLD, and 8th grader Finley Huggins, clarinet, GOLD. Congratulations on the outstanding accomplishment!

Feb 1

3rd graders are avid penny collectors! Today they are wearing favorite sports jerseys, and besides being excited about the Collection, they are anxious to go Buddy Bowling with their 6th grade Buddies!

Jan 17

The final rounds of the 2018 Geography Bee were held on Tuesday morning. From a challenging field of 10 finalists, Ella Lee emerged as this year’s winner. Finley Huggins took 2nd place. Congratulations to Ella, Finley, and all who participated, including our judges!

Jan 9

Each year, the Knights of Columbus invites each Catholic middle/intermediate school in a selected region to nominate three students currently in fourth through eighth grade to participate in a Catholic geography bee. The first round is Thursday afternoon in the Pine Room at 1:20 PM. Parents are welcome! The final round will be next week.

For those new to the Geography Bee, here is a description of how it works:

Dec 28

Ascension's 2017 3-on-3 was lots of fun for the students and alumni who participated, as well as for the parents and fans!

3-on-3 Slideshow