Oct 15

First grade students are looking at plants these days! The weather was nicer, so we went out to examine trees and plants. More pictures and activities on my Teacher Page.

Oct 8

Last week Mrs. Ciolino's math groups were working on repeated addition. One group was rolling dice to put together a repeated addition sentence, and the other group was using cards and recording sheets. Sounds like fun! Visit her Teacher Page!

Oct 3

A Zero Waste Ambassador training session  jed by Gina Orlando and Kathy Sullivan was held with the entire third grade this afternoon.  As a service project connected with their role in the St. Francis Mass on October 4th, the third graders are all training as Zero Waste Ambassadors, who monitor and provide guidance with the disposal of waste into liquid, compost, recycling, and landfill containers in the Pine Room. See more on Mrs. Kane's Teacher Page.

Oct 3

The Buddy program at Ascension is one of our favorite traditions! Each Grade is matched with another, oldest to younger, and they become friends through doing activities and spending time with each other. The 8th grade is paired with 1st grade (and so forth) and the 4th graders get to spend time with our preschoolers! Thanks to Mrs. Kirchen and Ms. Sefton for sharing. Take a look!

Oct 3

The kindergarten classes finished their ABC Boot Camp!  26 letters and sounds in 26 school days!!  It was a fun celebration with ABC hats, cookies, songs and a parade through our PK 3 classrooms! The Apple Hat led the way. More on my Teacher Page!

Sep 25

Once it was a dream, and then a plan. Soon it will be a reality – a wonderful new Library Resource Center for all Ascension students. We bet you can't wait to get a look at the immense room filled with books, technology, rugs and furniture, right? Well for now, here is just a peek at the marvelous changes to the space that once was two classrooms.Shelves, cabinets,whiteboards, covered radiators! For the rest you'll have to wait for the Grand Opening in October!

Sep 18

A walk down the quiet halls of Ascension belie what's going on within the classrooms. There are Science experiments, physical workouts, language lessons in English and Spanish as well as activities to foster a firm foundation in Faith. All homeroom teachers began a new year of Olweus anti-bullying lessons.

Sep 11

You wouldn't believe the great variety of activities and learning styles happening at Ascension on any given day. Just take a look!

Sep 4

Late last school year, 7th grade Mixed Masterpieces were entered in the Fenwick Art Contest. These paintings combine two masterpieces into one. May was a busy month, so here are a few samples, done by students who are now in 8th grade. Very impressive!

Aug 23

We are already down to business at Ascension! Students know and love their new teachers and are discovering new things every day. And everyone loves the new floors!