Nov 29

Do you know Flat Stanley? Flat Stanley is a book written in 1964 by Jeff Brown. In the book, Stanley is accidentally flattened. He is then sent on a trip to have adventures. The 2nd graders made their own Flat Stanleys, and posters about the adventures!

Nov 28

After weeks and weeks of hard work the students were ready  to present their STEM proposals on building a raised garden bed at Ascension.   Each group designed their own slides to show their research and materials needed to build their garden bed.  Students also explained their prototype, which they built to represent their garden bed.  We are hoping these presentations help Ascension move one step closer to building a raised garden bed on the school grounds.  More on Mrs. Douglass' Page

Nov 27

We have so much to show you! We had visitors and field trips before Thanksgiving, and naturally evidence of student learning and fun in and outside of the classroom.

Nov 19

Students in Room 108 are forging cross-cultural connections (and improving their writing skills) with letters to and from pen pals in Taipei, Taiwan. Ms. Kane's daughter is teaching English in Taiwan to students of about the same age. After matching up the classes, we wrote letters to our pen pals describing aspects of our lives here at Ascension and outside of school. We were thrilled to received informative letters back. We now know how to write our names in Chinese characters and can't wait to try stinky tofu!  

Nov 19

Mr. Mueller leads an 8th grade class as they learn about coding. The flexible seating and iPads in the Ursuline center make it convenient to have a technology lesson. Because of its size, Mrs. Flowers can meet a student one-on-one for additional help at the same time.

Nov 10

Eighth grade members of Student Council used some of the proceeds from last month’s Halloween fun fairs to purchase winter hats and gloves for those in need. The Drive was initiated by Ascension 5th graders on November 1st.

Nov 9

5th grade organized a hat, gloves, mittens, scarves collection for Housing Forward. Here you can see the tremendous response from Ascension students. Many will be grateful for the gift of warmth and for the generosity of our students and staff.

Nov 9

6th graders have written short original compositions for rhythm instruments. Working in groups, they practiced with non-pitched percussion. Yake a look on Ms. Robak's Teacher Page. 

Nov 8

Zentangle Self portraits and artistic interpretations of words! It will take you a few minutes to read the ASL hands, but they each spell a positive word about Ascension!

Nov 8

Many creative drawings and posters are on display on lockers and above the lockers on the first floor.  How do you follow the Commandments? What are Angels? Can you label the parts of a tree? Can you identify a plant with its scientific name and give facts and clues about it? First, second and third graders are curious seekers of knowledge!