May 13

This afternoon, medals were awarded for exemplary success in this year's Kathy Adams Run-a-Thon. Classes assembled in the courtyard with their Buddies to applause for running laps, and then students lined up for an ice cream treat for earning well over the amount projected! Congratulations to all medalists, all runners and especially the phenomenal Run-a-Thon Committee!

May 10

An annual treat, the kindergartners learned about hospitality, food prep and running a business on May 10th. Families, older students and staff were welcomed to the classrooms and tickets were distributed (and donations collected!) Everything collected will help the educational mission of Ascension school. Pink and yellow lemonade were served by cheerful, apron-clad students, who also offered cookies and napkins. What fun!

Apr 9

Cheryl Bernard has shared her wonderful photographs, all taken at the 2019 Run-a-Thon! Thank you, Cheryl! Click "Run-a-Thon Picture Links" to see the links.

Apr 1

The 2019 Kathy Adams Run-a-Thon is THIS FRIDAY! We are so excited, and we know that our students are too! If your student(s) has raised at least $50, they will receive their Ascension water bottle today! Volunteer! Do you need a copy of the Schedule? See our Run-a-Thon Home Page!

Mar 20

Student Council raises $267.56 for Ascension’s Children Lenten Project benefiting Rwanda. The money was raised in March by selling lollipops and by conducting three split-the-pot raffles at Boys’ Pack the Place games. Student Council exemplifies "Service!"

Mar 15

Take a look at these cute ascension girls who performed Irish Dancing at the ascension fish fry on March 15. 

Mar 11

Challenge #1 was REGISTRATION. We are happy to announce that over 86% of students have been registered to participate. Congratulations to Team Degnan, Team Fogarty & Team Parrilli for reaching their 100% participation goal! They will receive their wearable fitness trackers this week. This week, we are challenging all of our participants to meet their first fundraising goal of $25! At this level, your student is ensured their 2019 Kathy Adams Run-a-Thon t-shirt. Run-a-Thon t-shirts will be worn on Run-a-Thon day, and are a uniform-approved shirt for Gym class.

Feb 20

Rwanda movie
Click the watch the Children's Lenten Project video!

Feb 19

February 14-21 was an extremely busy week at Ascension! Starting off with Valentine's Day, we had a wonderful Mission Day prayer service, followed by a very exciting Mission Day itself. Green Club met and as usual our classrooms were active with curriculum subjects, specials and STEM projects!

Feb 19

The Kathy Adams Run-a-Thon is the number one way that students can help their school! This year, we have partnered with OneCause to help reach even more friends and family members to help our students reach their goals. All students will have individual fundraising goals, as well as goals and challenges with their homeroom!