Oct 17

Have you been enjoying those tasty Taffy Apples? Student Council has been selling them after school during these crisp fall days. The proceeds go into the Student Council treasury and then help fund Student Council activities. Get ready for the Fun Fairs next week!

Oct 15

Mr. Mueller's 7-209’s religion class made a Bishop Fulton Sheen Rosary last Friday. They were able to complete this project with Ms. Grimm’s awesome artistic direction.

Oct 15

First grade students are looking at plants these days! The weather was nicer, so we went out to examine trees and plants. More pictures and activities on my Teacher Page.

Oct 11

Students in my 5th grade classes researched, created, and presented a Google Slides presentation about an important aspect of life for one of the four Native American regional groups we are studying in Social Studies.  Students became an expert on their topic and provided information that supplements what we learned in class.  More on my page!

Oct 11

The 8th graders at Ascension took a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago on October 11, 2018. The purpose of the trip was to demonstrate to the students the differences between Impressionism and other forms of art. 8th graders will then choose a painting and reproduce it, using techniques they learn in art. See more on Ms. Grimm's Page.

Oct 9

Our teachers have benn challenging the students with new concepts and ways of learning! Be sure to explore our Teacher Pages! Here's a look at the past week.

Oct 8

Last week Mrs. Ciolino's math groups were working on repeated addition. One group was rolling dice to put together a repeated addition sentence, and the other group was using cards and recording sheets. Sounds like fun! Visit her Teacher Page!

Oct 6

The cross country team competed in the Championship Meet at Lewis University last weekend. CLICK THE TITLE for a full list of top finishers!

Many thanks to coaches Nick Brunick, Mike Schmiedeler and Paul Steinhofer!

The 7th grade boys team won the AA team division and finished 2nd within all divisions. Top 50 finishers included:
5th Grade Boys - Marshall Waysok (37)
6th Grade Boys - Jack Loftus (41) Logan Loftus (47)
7th Grade Boys - Evan O'Brien (14) James Zimmer (24) Ross Esposito (27) Tom Schmiedeler (34) Michael Nelligan (35)

Oct 2

Here is your weekly look at what your Ascension Teachers have posted on their Teacher Pages! Ascension students have a lot going on!


Sep 30

Ascension students entered Nazareth Academy's "Epic Inventors" competition on Saturday. Here is one of our teams looking a little nervous about how much weight their tower can bear!  More pictures and the results on Mrs. Szot's Science Page.