Apr 17

 The other day the 5th/6th grade orchestra spent a break mugging for the camera! They are rehearsing "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter among other things, getting ready for the concert on Tuesday, May 22 at 6:30 in the Pine Room!

Apr 16

How many laps? The powerhouse Class of '18 flew around the indoor track of Ascension's gym last Friday, giving their all in their last Run-a-Thon. Just imagine how many miles you've run in all your years of running! Well done! We're proud of you!

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Apr 14

You never know what you'll see at Ascension! Walk the halls and you will see 3rd grade creature reports and 2nd grade safety warnings  based on "Officer Buckle and Gloria!"

Apr 13

It's a very exciting day in Ascension's gym and throughout the school! Students are in this year's fabulous shirt and 8th graders are busily counting laps. It's only midmorning and we have a few 2-milers (40 laps!) 

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Apr 12

It was just too nice outside to have a rehearsal inside!

Mar 27

How awesome to have visitors from our favorite all-girl high school, Trinity! They posted pictures and wrote: "So wonderful to be at Ascension Elementary School today to share the book “She Persisted” in celebration of Womens History Month. We shared the message of persistence, determination, and that no voice is too small and no dream is to big."   Thanks for coming!

Mar 27

Excitement is growing for the 2018 Kathy Adams Run-a-Thon, coming up soon on April 13th! Take a look at our Run-a-Thon Video on the Run-a-Thon Page, and remember that pledges can be made online! Keep running and rope-jumping during Easter Break!

Mar 16

 Today the 7th Grade Room 202 Class participated in an Olweus/Religion team building exercise. The  lesson focused on Cooperation, Communication, Leadership, and Teamwork.  The student teams attempted  to build the tallest structure using only index cards and scotch tape.

Mar 14

Today's Mass for Peace closed with a moving ceremony prepared by the 8th graders. Introductory remarks reminded us of the school tragedy on February 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas School. A central lit taper burned as one by one seventeen 8th graders came forward to light a candle. A reader proclaimed the names and details about the lives and hopes of those who died. The school congregation solemnly watched as the candle-bearers placed themselves around the church.

Mar 12

The excitement was palpable in the gym on Friday night as our 6th and 8th grade boys won their games against St Vincent. The  5th boys fought valiantly but were defeated, Grade 7 won over St. John Vianney. We had a great crowd of dedicated parents and fans! There's nothing like the excitement of Pack the Place at Ascension! Go Chargers!