Jan 15

The quiet halls of Ascension belie the fascinating activities and work going on in the classrooms! You'd see Science and Nature lessons, foreign language activities, art and STEM projects, creative writing assignments, literature, testing, and a dash of fun! Be sure to visit the Teacher Pages mentioned in the photo captions to learn the whole stories. Our teachers are the best!

Dec 11

Ms. Robak and Mrs. Coffman have been very busy these last weeks, rehearsing students for the Christmas Concert! The Concert takes place in Ascension church and starts at 7:00 PM on Thursday, December 13. A long-standing Ascension tradition, the concert features songs and carols of the Advent and Christmas season and Scripture readings telling the Christmas story. Ms. Robak says the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders are ready and anxious to sing out – especially the finale! Mrs.

Dec 4

November came to a close with many projects in the arts, reading, science (bones and vertebrae!) and Advent and Christmas.  7th graders toured Lyric opera, Flat Stanley traveled and 2nd graders are learning about Christmas Around the World!

Nov 17

On Thursday the 4th grade classes attended a concert of the Concordia Wind Symphony. They are learning about instruments in Music. Thanks to Ms. Ford for the pictures!

Nov 13

Eleven new photos are just a sample of what's new! Report cards go home this week and Saturday is the Auction!

Nov 12

Mrs. Flowers is so grateful to have the Ursuline Center filled with books and technology for Ascension students. She   is gratified to see how teachers are anxious to use the room, as exemplified by the 4th graders research on voting in early November. She has shared some pictures with us!

Nov 9

6th graders have written short original compositions for rhythm instruments. Working in groups, they practiced with non-pitched percussion. Yake a look on Ms. Robak's Teacher Page. 

Nov 2

 Today our talented music teacher, Ms. Robak, lead children in music and movement! She brought along tambourines and other instruments that were perfect for little hands and sang song and played musical games with the children. Complimentary treats and coffee were served.

Oct 11

The 8th graders at Ascension took a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago on October 11, 2018. The purpose of the trip was to demonstrate to the students the differences between Impressionism and other forms of art. 8th graders will then choose a painting and reproduce it, using techniques they learn in art. See more on Ms. Grimm's Page.

Sep 26

In 4th grade Spanish students are creating comics, using their current vocabulary. Each comic depicts two characters greeting each other, asking each other’s names and how they are doing, and bidding farewell. Students love when two school subjects can be used in one project!