Cross Country runners
Oct 6

Championship Cross Country Meet

The cross country team competed in the Championship Meet at Lewis University last weekend. CLICK THE TITLE for a full list of top finishers!

Many thanks to coaches Nick Brunick, Mike Schmiedeler and Paul Steinhofer!

The 7th grade boys team won the AA team division and finished 2nd within all divisions. Top 50 finishers included:
5th Grade Boys - Marshall Waysok (37)
6th Grade Boys - Jack Loftus (41) Logan Loftus (47)
7th Grade Boys - Evan O'Brien (14) James Zimmer (24) Ross Esposito (27) Tom Schmiedeler (34) Michael Nelligan (35)

5th Grade Girls - Gracie Brennan (31) Madalien Williams (33) Rosie Nowicki (41)
6th Grade Girls - Kelsey O'Brien (22)
7th Grade Girls - Lizzie Brunick (14)
8th Grade Girls - Chloe Sadowski (43)

We would also like to salute all of our 8th Grade runners who competed in their final meet.
Charlie Callero
Nate Schultz
Chloe Sadowski
Hava Nordquist
Linnea Drever