Jan 9

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Thursday — Geography Bee

Each year, the Knights of Columbus invites each Catholic middle/intermediate school in a selected region to nominate three students currently in fourth through eighth grade to participate in a Catholic geography bee. The first round is Thursday afternoon in the Pine Room at 1:20 PM. Parents are welcome! The final round will be next week.

For those new to the Geography Bee, here is a description of how it works:

"The bee is organized into "rounds". In each round, each participant answers one question about world geography, North American geography, or regional geography. All questions are open-answer, not multiple-choice. Each round is an "oral round" or a "writing round".

In each oral round, much like a spelling bee, each participant in turn gets his own question, to answer correctly in order to remain in the bee. However each participant is given "another chance", so the first time a participant misses an oral question, he uses up this "chance" and remains in the bee. So participants generally remain in the bee until missing two oral questions. The bee continues until all but one participant have been eliminated."


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