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Nov 13

Eleven new photos are just a sample of what's new! Report cards go home this week and Saturday is the Auction!

Nov 12

Mrs. Flowers is so grateful to have the Ursuline Center filled with books and technology for Ascension students. She   is gratified to see how teachers are anxious to use the room, as exemplified by the 4th graders research on voting in early November. She has shared some pictures with us!

Nov 10

Eighth grade members of Student Council used some of the proceeds from last month’s Halloween fun fairs to purchase winter hats and gloves for those in need. The Drive was initiated by Ascension 5th graders on November 1st.

Nov 9

5th grade organized a hat, gloves, mittens, scarves collection for Housing Forward. Here you can see the tremendous response from Ascension students. Many will be grateful for the gift of warmth and for the generosity of our students and staff.

Nov 9

6th graders have written short original compositions for rhythm instruments. Working in groups, they practiced with non-pitched percussion. Yake a look on Ms. Robak's Teacher Page.