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Sep 28

Mr. Sengstock didn't throw away his shot – he went to see Hamilton last night! The tickets were a gift from the Class of 2018 and he was delighted to be" in the room where it happened!" Many thanks to the Class of 2018 for their thoughtfulness and generosity.

Sep 27

First graders recently studied the life cycle of the butterfly. In Room 105, we watched a caterpillar develop into a monarch butterfly. Today we let it fly away!

Sep 26

In 4th grade Spanish students are creating comics, using their current vocabulary. Each comic depicts two characters greeting each other, asking each other’s names and how they are doing, and bidding farewell. Students love when two school subjects can be used in one project!

Sep 25

Once it was a dream, and then a plan. Soon it will be a reality – a wonderful new Library Resource Center for all Ascension students. We bet you can't wait to get a look at the immense room filled with books, technology, rugs and furniture, right? Well for now, here is just a peek at the marvelous changes to the space that once was two classrooms.Shelves, cabinets,whiteboards, covered radiators! For the rest you'll have to wait for the Grand Opening in October!

Sep 25

All of the pictures in this blog were taken by Ascension teachers (and a parent) especially for their Teacher Pages! Each of the featured teachers have more on their pages, too. Be sure to check your child's teacher's Teacher Page to see what's happening in the school.