Ascension Kindergarten Mrs. Boockmeier's Class













Thanks For The Memories!



It has been an amazing year with an amazing Kindergarten class! All will be looking forward to 1st Grade and all the new adventures that await!




   Kindergarten Sings!


Kindergarten entertained the crowds of family and friends during an afternoon matinee on May 31st.  The audience was wowed by the talent and poise displayed by the "stars" on stage!




Walk in and Read

Every Thursday in May is extra special!  Parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives of all kinds, neighbors and anyone else who would like to, are invited to come into the Kindergarten classroom to read to students or have students read to them!  






Golf, Anyone?


Rain or shine, it's golf season in Kindergarten! Guests work on their putting skills, while getting tips from kindergarten students.









School Picnic

Kindergarten attended the all school picnic at Rhem Park on May 18th. We were so very lucky that we had a beautiful morning to enjoy it. Thanks to Home and School and all the parents and friends that helped make the day loads of fun!





Lincoln Park Zoo Field Trip

Lions and tigers and bears, oh yeah! We love learning about all the amazing creatures.  We had a chance to observe the behavior of many of the exotic and local birds as "Zoo Explorers".  During our explorations, kindergarten students completed data sheets that helped them carefully observe animals, just like the real zoo scientists.  






Kindergarten Lemonade Stand



Kindergarten held its 7th annual Lemonade Stand on May 11. We enjoyed having many special patrons savor our lemonade and cookies served by our most friendly kindergarten students (all of them)!   All proceeds are to be donated to a very worthy cause, Ascension's  youth group's Appalachian Service Project.                                   







Grandparents Day!


One of our favorite days of the year is when we get to show off our school to some very special VIP's, (our grandparents and other people we love)! 






Fly Away, Butterfly!


We raised our beautiful butterflies since they were itty bitty caterpillars. Now they can spread their wings and fly!







Kathy Adams 2018 Run-A-Thon



"Kathy Adams was a beloved parent, School Board member and teacher at Ascension who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. Mrs. Adams’ legacy lives on in the Run-A-Thon and the Kathy Adams Scholarship Fund.  Kindergarten started training for the run during gym classes. The Kathy Adams Run-A-Thon is the number one opportunity for Ascension students to give back to the school and is a beloved tradition among the entire community."(Ascension school website) Kindergarten gave it their all during this years run. It was exhausting, but well worth the effort!



  Mystery Reader

When we look on our Kindergarten daily board and see a big question mark, we wait in anticipation as to who our "Mystery Reader" will be.  We love when a mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother or sister surprises the class to share a favorite book or two! We never can get enough of great story!







       Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!




Happy Chinese New Year!






        MISSION DAY 


"Mission Day is an annual event to raise awareness of our baptismal call to mission and collect funds for the Church’s mission efforts. Ascension School’s founding nuns, the Ursuline Sisters, started this fundraiser in 1957 with a few games on card tables in the gym. It has grown to be Ascension School’s longest running and one of the most memorable events of the school year for generation after generation of students. All parishioners, especially school families, are welcome to celebrate of supporting the missions through prayer and play!  Proceeds support the mission work of the URSULINE SISTERS (who staffed our school for 74 YEARS) and the mission efforts of Ascension’s parish, including the summer youth project: Appalachian Service Project (ASP) and this year’s Ascension Church Children's Lenten Mission: "Coming Home".  Ascension is partnering with Housing Forward to furnish five apartments for homeless clients moving into supportive housing."(Mission Day web page)




Father Hurlbert came to Kindergarten on Ash Wednesday to give us ashes and to help us understand more about the day and the beginning of Lent.






Even though we celebrated Valentine's Day a little early, we still were able to share the Love!





S P I R I T   N I G H T ! 


Kindergarten shared an evening of fun with family and friends at Ascension's Early Childhood Spirit Night!





                  How long will Winter last?


  February let's us learn about VIP's of history.




      Kindergarten's 100th Day of School!

February 1st was Kindergarten's 100th day of school. We celebrated with a visit from Zero the Hero who had come to our classroom every 10th day since the beginning of the school year. We made a special snack mix totaling 100 pieces of different items,  made our 100th day book page and proudly shared our creative 100th day projects to our classroom friends.  It sure was a great day of fun and well worth the wait!









Celebrating Catholic Schools Week


Ascension celebrated Catholic Schools Week beginning with the Family Sock Hop. It continued with an open house for all to visit our school, take a look in the classrooms, and see our work. The rest of the week celebrated students, families, faculty and staff, and our faith community with a variety of events. 




                 We learned a lot about St. John Bosco, the patron saint of schoolchildren.

Buddy Bowling!



And a little bit of wackiness




Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


"The Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday celebrates the life and legacy of a man who brought hope and healing to America. We commemorate as well the timeless values he taught us through his example — the values of courage, truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility and service that so radiantly defined Dr. King’s character and empowered his leadership. On this holiday, we commemorate the universal, unconditional love, forgiveness and nonviolence that empowered his revolutionary spirit." (Coretta Scott King).

In honor of Dr. King's legacy, Kindergarten students shared their own ideas of how they might be able to make a difference in our world



It's Snow Time!!


  Creating frost       



Our Scientist is testing the cold ice and snow with a little "blubber" on her fingers. We learned that that is how arctic animals stay warm.



          Melting ice and snow with NaCl










Christmas Party Stations

Our class had a wonderful time during our party stations. All the fun got us into a festive mood for Christmas. As usual our room parents made sure we had a lot of great things to do! 





Gingerbread Yoga







Christmas Angels




Kindergarten began the holiday season by helping make blankets and wrapping gifts for the annual "Christmas Angels" project. It's always a special time and important to know that hopefully this small thing we do can help make someone's Christmas a little brighter!






Thanksgiving Blessings


Mrs. Boockmeier's and Mrs. Parrilli's classes shared a wonderful Thanksgiving Breakfast Feast together! Later we joined the rest of Ascension School to pray and give thanks for all our blessings and to share items collected for the food drive!





The StoryBus visits Ascension

"America's Children's Museum on Wheels: StoryBus is a children's literacy museum on wheels that visits schools and community events in the Chicago area. Housed inside a 37-foot Winnebago, the bus promotes reading to students at the kindergarten and pre-k levels. Filled with a rotating collection of hands-on interactive exhibits, the StoryBus transports children inside the worlds of favorite children's stories." (Delores Kohl Education Foundation) During this visit we were able to have fun exploring exhibits pertaining to the story of "The Little Red Hen".




Planes, Trains and Spaceships?

Kindergarten created "Mission Control" and very own spacecraft during our Transportation Unit. We got to learn a lot about space and even how astronauts run on a treadmill, sleep and brush their teeth while they are in space! It was all a blast(off)!




Students made images of their favorite mode of transportation





Halloween was a fun-filled day from beginning to end!


Buddy Bingo!


Party Stations!




Fashion Show!



Go Away Big Green Monster!

We had fun recreating our own Big Green Monster after reading "Go Away Big Green Monster".  Working together makes everything a lot more fun!




All About Pumpkins

We had a lot of fun learning about pumpkins! We had our very own pumpkin patch in the classroom; studied them scientifically; planted our seeds; and baked pumpkin bread! 













It's that APPLE Time of Year!

We've been learning with apples through stories, graphing, patterns, and science! Thank you to our parents who were able to join us to help make our delicious applesauce! (And to all who sent such a great variety of apples!)


           Who knew learning could be so much fun!?!



Tasty!! Tasty!    





Morning Meeting

At one of our classroom meetings, we read, The Story of Ridley--A Place With No Rules. Needless to say, there were a lot of problems. Kindergarten decided to add to our Ascension Golden Rules with some of our own.





Meet the Buddies~



We had a great time meeting our 5th grade buddies from Room 104. We are looking forward to spending a lot of time with them this year!




Zero the Hero



Friday, September 1st was Kindergarten's 10th day of school!  Students were introduced and excited to meet Zero the Hero who visits Kindergarten every 10th day of school. Mrs. Morawski makes sure he gets to the classroom so we can celebrate! We always look forward to a "Zero" day and until we reach our goal to the !00th day of school when we will celebrate in style!



   Our Faith is All Around Us


Kindergarten students learn stories and symbols about our faith that we find all around our Church and school.


                     Ready to go!


A lot of smiles on the first day of school!


The first day of school is Monday, August 21st from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Tuesday, August 22nd is our first full day of school from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Kindergarten is ready for a "Monstrous" good year!!!


Kindergarten students came to school on Thursday, August 17th to drop off school supplies, meet their teachers and to get a sneak peek into the classroom!