Grade 1 Mrs. Blatner's Class



The children were amazed by the wonderful gifts they offered to two children in need.  This time of year can be difficult for many people and the children were happy that they met the needs and wants that the children were hoping to receive.  While I was showing the children the gifts we were able to purchase one child commented, My heart is filled with joy that the children will have a happy Christmas.  She went on to say that they will probably cry when they see the gifts but those will be tears of joy!    The children then enjoyed helping to wrap these special gifts.  Your children bring joy to my heart every day.

Students wrapping presents   Students wrapping presents

Students wrapping presents   Students wrapping presents


The children participated in putting together our prayer table for the Advent season.  Be sure to ask your child what color we use during the liturgical season of Advent.  Hint:  it is a season of preparation.  They enjoyed hearing about the meaning of the parts of the Advent wreath and then showed their understanding by making their own wreath that will go with a writing activity.

Advent prayer table















The top photos are from a recent neighborhood walk in which we sketched details of plants for our science unit on plants.  We found a seedling growing from a seed that dropped from a tree.  We sketched an amazing spider web and looked closely at the details that make plants so special.  We are using the reading comprehension strategy of identifying details in a story just like we found the details in nature.




OFire Prevention:  Our "adopted" fireman Garrett LeFluer                The children work on vowel 
demonstrates with the help of Mrs. B. how the fireman gear              differentiation in small groups.
helps him survive in a fire.








We observed the life cycle of a butterfly in class, from caterpillar to release. The children volunteered to put the stages of the butterfly life cycle in the correct sequence.  We raised a Monarch butterfly!

Here is the caterpillar.



   Here is a close up of the butterfly after we released it.









We are learning the Life Cycle of the Butterfly!





   Mrs. Blatner helps us put words together!

   We have a chrysalis!   

   We practiced our sight words outside!