Grade 1 Mrs. Blatner's Class
















Welcome to our amazing learning laboratory otherwise

known as Room 106!  Prepare to explore and discover!






We are all a part of the Ascension school community. After a terrific discussion

about what it means to be a member of this community the children created

seven rules we would all follow to make our classroom an amazing place to

learn and grow.  We then made models of ourselves and nameplates

for our door to show that all are welcome into our terrific classroom of

kind, caring, thoughtful and faith-filled students. WELCOME TO ROOM 106!


  Partner Spelling is a favorite activity that

  allows students to work with a partner and 

  independently spell the words of the week using

  common patterns. One partner reads the spelling

  word while the other spells it out on the dry-erase

  board.  When the list is complete the partners

  switch. The children enjoy working together

  and helping each other.



  In Science we explored how some animals grow and 

  change by learning about the lifecycle of a sea turtle.

  The children showed mastery of sequencing by

  illustrating the sea turtle life cycle and identifying

  how a sea turtle changes during each stage of

  growth when they shared their sea turtle life cycle

  projects with each other.  We had fun discussing how

  we change as we grow!   



  We love to listen to stories in room 106!  The children 

  were able to respond to questions about the major 

  events in a story using key details and identifying

  the order of events.  The children enjoyed sequencing

  this folk tale with classmates.  Volunteers enthusiastically

  unscrambled the story cards and retold the main events

  of the story.





During this "picture walk" activity the children gained a better understanding of the characters, setting and 

main details of a story.  They came to the realization that the illustrations were helpful in understanding

the text more effectively.  We love working with partners to share knowledge and learn cooperatively.


  We enjoy celebrating birthdays

  in room 106!  The birthday child

  is asked what he/she hopes to 

  accomplish in his/her 7th year.

  Our birthday boy today hopes that he

  will be great first grader in his 7th year!

  It is such a joy to be with these precious children

  each day!





  When we left school on Friday we had three chrysalises in the 

  habitat.  We were so excited to arrive today with two butterflies 

  fluttering around the remaining chrysalis.  We carefully observed the 

  butterflies and identified all the parts we learned about last week.

  Since we observed the final stage of the butterfly lifecycle the children

  completed their lifecycle project.  We felt mixed emotions of 

  excitement and sadness as we watched our butterfly friends flutter  

  into the bright blue sky.  We know they are much happier in their

  natural habitat.






The children developed Math vocabulary that enabled them to write and solve addition number sentences.

They identified the parts of a number sentence by using the display on the board to show classmates each

element.  Dry-erase work mats and manipulatives were the tools used strategically for extra practice.  

Word problems were given orally and the children demonstrated perseverance by working through each

problem using counters to show the addends and writing and solving the number sentence.   The children

then worked with a partner to name each part of the number sentence.


  We learned how to better understand a story by having

  a group discussion to identify the beginning, middle and

  and end of Rainbow Fish. We then reflected on the special

  gift Rainbow Fish shared and completed an extension 

  activity to identify our own special gifts. We also searched 

  for and found descriptive words in the story and used our

 imaginations to illustrate many more descriptive words 

 about fish!




  We love learning sight words when working with a partner

   using game boards.  Did you know that we will know 175

   sight words by the end of first grade?  Did you know that 

   these words are 70% of all the words we will be reading

   in first grade level texts?  Wow, that is why Mrs. B. makes

   learning all of the sight words so fun!





Aunt Minnie and the Twister and The Little Engine That Could are two "Read-a-Louds" we used to 

develop listening comprehension skills in grade 1.  During this lesson, the stories were used to reinforce the 

comprehension skills of identifying the beginning, middle and end of a story to help us retell the story details.

Background knowledge was built by reading and discussing a non-fiction selection about tornadoes and

viewing photos of train engines.  The stories were read from an anthology with no pictures.  We talked about

and used visualization to get a better understanding of what happened in each story. The children were then

asked to draw the ending of each story.  We then looked at the picture book version of the stories.  We had

great fun comparing and contrasting the drawings the children made with the illustrators' drawings. 




  The life cycle of a butterfly is fascinating!  We had the

  good fortune this year of observing a caterpillar

  spin and wiggle himself into a chrysalis.  Wow, that

  was incredible!  We worked on projects to help us

  better understand the four stages of a butterfly

  lifecycle and how the parts of a butterfly help it

  survive. We can't wait to see the monarch emerge

  to see firsthand how butterflies are symmetrical!



  On our very first day of school we learned all about what

  a solar eclipse is and how to be safe when viewing this

  "game of hide and seek" with the sun and moon.  The 

  children modeled what happens during a solar eclipse

  using a globe, the "moon" and a bright light for the sun.

  Later in the day they used their solar glasses to observe

  this spectacle. Mrs. B. and Miss Rippin were amazed

  when the air cooled and the sky turned dark.  WOW! 



  It was fun to get to know each other the

  first week of school. We talked about what we

  like to do and created self portraits.  We filled 

  out our "What Makes Me" form and showed

  our classmates our portraits.  We are so lucky

  to have three students join us in room 106

  who are new to our school community.

  We know they will love Ascension School!