Grade 4 Mrs. Douglass' Class


Catholic Schools Week-January 2018

The theme for Catholic Schools Week this year was Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.  The students at Ascension learned about what each of these words meant throughout the week to help them become a better student and a better Catholic.  The week was filled with school spirit.  Below are are few pictures capturing the spirit our students brought to Ascension with Buddy Bowling day, an all school mass where students dressed up, and a day where students learned about Ascension's 2018 Lenten Mission.  


The Nutcracker at Dominican University-December 2017

Today the students in grades 1-8 got the special treat of seeing The Nutcracker at Dominican University.  Before attending the ballet students read and discussed the story of the Nutcracker with Mrs. Flowers in Library and in class they read the synopsis of Act I and Act II.  This extra preparation allowed the students to better understand the story before attending the ballet.  Overall the performance was an absolute wonder with the set design, costumes, music and the performances.  It was a Christmas treat never to be forgotten!



The Season of Advent-December 2017

Students in Room 111 designed their own Advent calendars to help them remember the meaning of Advent as well as grow closer to God during this holy season.  Advent began on Sunday, December 3rd; students took the time creating their calendars and brainstormed acts of kindness and times for additional prayer to help guide them through the 4 weeks of Advent.  Students read and learned about the Advent wreath, what it symbolizes, and have a daily reminder of this symbol on the classroom prayer table.  




Happy Halloween!-October 2017

What is orange and black all over?  It's the students at Ascension!  Today to celebrate Halloween students wore orange and black to show their spooky side.  Students had fun completing a math puzzle that also helped them practice their math multiplication facts through 12.  Students ended the day by playing BINGO with their classmates.  It was a spooktacular day!


Ascension Students Show Their Support-October 2017

Ascension students were able to show their support by wearing pink, red or purple one Friday during October.  Students learned about Breast Cancer Awareness, the Domestic Violence Legal Clinic and Sarah's Inn; to be educated on these tough topics and know some of the resources our community offers families.  Students created posters showing their support to families in Oak Park and in the Chicagoland area.  


National Park Backpack Research Reports-September 2017

The 4th graders got to take a closer look at the National Parks our country has to offer.  Each student selected a National Park to draw and research.  Students used ipads to uncover important information on their park and come up with some must see attractions for future visitors.  The class learned how to be a smart and responsible researcher and look for key information on their topic. The fourth graders LOVED this project, they learned about some of the most beautiful places our country has to offer and the wildlife living inside each park. 



















Imagination Theater Visits Ascension School and their Students!    September 2017

Today students in grades K-5th were invited to the school gym for a presentation hosted by the Ascension Home and School Association.  Students listened and watched actors and actresses talk about the topic of teasing within a school setting.  The presenters along with Ascension student volunteers acted out different scenarios we might encounter here at Ascension.  Students were given tools and tips on how to handle situations with teasing the right way.  This is a great connection to our Olweus Bully Prevention Program we have here at Ascension.  As a class we have weekly meetings where we review the rules for Ascension and we talk about how to include students and eliminate bullying at our school.












Scientists at Work!  September 2017

Today in science 4th graders worked in groups to complete their first science experiment.  The objective of the lesson stated: students will identify the variables in a science investigation.  Together each group organized their materials, followed the correct procedure and explained their results.  I would say this experiment was a success!



Sweet Music from the 4th graders!      September 2017













4th and 5th grade students got to enjoy an introduction to the Ascension Band Program today in the Pine Room by band director Mr. Shapera.  Students were able to try two different instruments to spark an interest in joining the Ascension Band.  Many students rocked their first few attempts of  making music on the trombone, flute, drums, clarinet and saxophone.  Ascension Band is for all 4th-8th grade students and they play for the student body as well as perform at the Christmas program.  




Both 4th grade classes enjoyed celebrating 8:15 mass with the Parish.  We started attending morning mass last year and saw so many positive reactions from our students and the Ascension community.  All parents are welcome to join us on Thursdays!


Welcome to Room 111!     August 2017

Get out your uniforms and school supplies because the first day of school is around the corner.  The first day of school is Monday, August 21st from 8:00-10:00am.  Our first full day is Tuesday, August 22nd.  Students wear their uniforms and bring all school supplies with them on Monday morning.  

Enjoy your last days of summer and be ready for a terrific year ahead.