Grade 4 Mrs. Douglass' Class




4th and 5th Grade STEM Presentations-November 2018

After weeks and weeks of hard work the students were ready  to present their STEM proposals on building a raised garden bed at Ascension.  Ascension was overjoyed to welcome Father Hurlbert, School Principal Mrs. Polega, two parish members, an engineer and a faculty member from Fenwick High School to all sit on the STEM panel.  The panel listened to 13 presentations from the 4th and 5th grade students at Ascension.  Each group designed their own slides to show their research and materials needed to build their garden bed.  Students also explained their prototype, which they built to represent their garden bed.  We are hoping these presentations help Ascension move one step closer to building a raised garden bed on the school grounds.  

Thank you to all who came and supported our students.  




Happy Halloween-October 2018

Ascension students showed off their Halloween spirit today by wearing black and orange to school.  Students also completed Halloween puzzles testing their knowledge of their multiplication math facts.  Finally, students ended the day with a friendly and fun game of BINGO!  

We hope all our students stay safe tonight!  Happy Halloween!



Science, Technology, and STEM....Oh My!-October 2018

Both 4th grade classes are participating in their first STEM activity.  The 4th graders partnered up with 5th graders to hep design a raised garden bed for Ascension School.  The students have been researching the information they need, measuring to build their prototype, and today they will begin working on their proposal.  It is a lot of work but the goal is that Ascension will have a final plan for raised garden bed before December 2018.  


The Rosary-October 2018

4th grade has been busy learning and praying the rosary.  Students have been adding to their Rosary book daily to help remember the prayers needed for the rosary.  As a class we are also praying a decade of the rosary daily in our classroom.  Finally, the students created a display rosary to help educate other students about the rosary and the different prayers included when praying the rosary.  



Introduction to the Ascension Band Program-September 2018

Today students in both 4th and 5th grade were given the opportunity to try different instruments offered with the Ascension Band.  Student sign up for band is on Wednesday, September 5th at 7pm in the Pine Room.  The band program offers Ascension students the opportunity to learn a new skill as well as perform for classmates throughout the year.  All are welcome to join!


Teamwork and Technology-August 2018

Students worked together with technology to tackle vocabulary.  Friday's words were rickety, peculiarly, and cluttered; each team of students looked for the definition, two synonyms, and ended by writing sentences using these new words.  


Science with Ms. Ford's Class-August 2018.