Grade 5 Ms. Kerr's Class



Welcome to Room 204!

Update coming soon: Reading Olympics is THIS afternoon, November 29!!

Today, we were lucky enough to experience the Sky Dome Portable Planetarium presentation! We had the entire universe in our school gym! We were taken on a journey through the Milky Way, and taught new and exciting things about our solar system! Dave presented this information in such a fun and exciting way. 5th graders watched the presentation with our kindergarten buddies. It was a great addition to our morning!




We have started to discuss the systems in the human body and how they work together. We were able to prove that we exhale carbon dioxide by breathing into BTB solution, which changed colors! The solution started as bright blue, and slowly but surely changed to green and then yellow! 


In school we are able to incorporate technology into our learning! We are working on applying new information that we learned in Science class - about adaptations that organisms have to survive - to show how our knowledge is growing. Here, we are working on Google Classroom - one of our favorite things to do!

We have been working on some exciting things in Science for these first few weeks of school! To get familiar with the processes that scientists use to investigate different questions and problems, we tried some investigations of our own! First we looked at different methods to keep bread freshest for the longest period of time. We were surprised by some of our results!












We also focused on the importance of the different tools that scientists use. We figured out how vital it is to take accurate measurements and record all data and observations carefully. We compared the efficiency of different paper towel brands to try using different tools, and to practice measuring and recording data. By the end of the year, we are all going to be excellent and brilliant scientists!


In Reading we have been working on using multiple sources to find important information on a related topic. We are reading the novel Sign of the Beaver. One of the main characters is a Penobscot Indian. So, we thought it would be beneficial to gain background knowledge on that type of Native American. We were able to share lots of important information with each other. Each group chose their own way to present!






















***Update 8/28/17 --- Weekly grade level masses begin this week for our school year! 5th grade attends 8:15 mass on Friday mornings. All are welcome - please feel free to join us for our weekly liturgy.


There were lots of people out at Scoville Park this last Monday, August 21! There was a 90% solar eclipse at 1:20 p.m. The eclipse crossed the entire country throughout the afternoon. It was awe-inspiring to witness. We are lucky to live on such a beautiful planet. I hope that all of you were able to experience this amazing event!










Here we are, once again! It was great to see friends after a summer full of vacations and pool time. We're excited to start this school year!






Ringing in the new school year! Mrs. Flowers was outside greeting students, all prepared for a fun and successful year of learning!




















The countdown is on to the start of our 2017-2018 school year! I am so excited to welcome all of the upcoming 5th graders. We are going to jump start a year of fun, learning, discovery, and more! See you all next week!




Important Dates:

   Monday, August 21 - 1st day of school; we are in session from 8:00 - 10:00

   Tuesday, August 22 - 1st full day of school; in session from 8:00 - 3:00

***Both days students will be in full uniform