Grade 5 Ms. Kerr's Class








While we cannot believe that it is already November, (time flies when you're having fun!) we celebrated the end of October with a fun filled afternoon of Bingo with our Buddies! 5th Graders helped the kindergarten students play the game, and cheered each other on to winning! This is always one of our favorite days, and such a fun way to spend Halloween in school. We showed our Halloween spirit in Orange and Black! 




On Monday, October 29 we were lucky to have Jess Godwin come in for a presentation. She spoke to the 4th through 8th grade students about ways to create, share, and inspire others. Jess spoke to the students about her own experiences as a kid their age, how others treated her, and how she not only managed her feelings, but pushed through and strived to achieve something great. She is now a singer/songwriter performing her music all over the country. She worked with the students to create their own song, in less than 10 minutes!



Making ordinary Math review fun and interesting! We worked in centers today to practice multiplication in lots of different ways. We used legos to make arrays, dice and cards to play multiplication games, and technology to challenge ourselves with some difficult problems. 


Check out our Bridge Prototypes! We completed trials to test if they could support 500 mg of weight for at least 10 seconds. We knocked it out of the park!!!





We are using our texts not just as pleasant reading material, but also to go back to and dive a little deeper! Practicing our skills of annotating, we are using the text to find support of our answers to questions. We then move on to citing evidence

in our responses. It's hard work, but we will keep practicing to get better at it!















           STEM update! We are ready to build our first prototypes - bridges!





The students have been working diligently coming up with their design plans and making sure that their prototypes would solve the problem they were faced with. 





     The turtles have made their entrance for the 2018-2019 school year! We are very excited to have them in our classroom, they're rock stars!








Using Technology to Learn about Technology!


Today our class had an Olweus Lesson. We discussed the anti-bullying rules.












Starting our 5th Grade Year - Learning and Having FUN while we work!

Our new focus for this school year is STEM instruction - combining science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and incorporating these components into the lessons that we are working with. Our first attempt at this went so well! We learned about geometric angles, force, pressure, balance, and how to work together as a team. At times, frustration was high, but we learned a lot and had fun too! Keep checking in to see more of the cool things that we will be doing this year.