Specials Ms. Earner's Physical Education Page


Welcome to the Gym!


     Students are expected to be prepared for class/ dressed in the proper gym attire as stated in the Ascension Handbook. Students' grades are reflective of their positive contribution to the learning environment (ie. Sportsmanship/Respect); participation/ prepared; and compliance with game rules (ie .Cooperation).

      The objective of PE class is exercise/ movement during the school day. Movement plays an important role in helping the brain to function. PE classes engage students in activities that can be fun yet challenging, while incorporating team-building skills; decision making; and working well with others socially.                                                        Students engage in seasonal activities that may be current for the time of year. (For example Soccer, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track challenges, and Baseball). Other activities such as, running games, obstacle course challenge, and conditioning for our annual spring Run-a-Thon are covered in an effort to encourage a healthy lifestyle.