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What is Happening in the Art Room?
Class of  2019 Masterpiece Gallery

The Kathy Adams Masterpiece Award for 2018 was awarded to Maro Aroutiunian for her painting of The Young Hare by Albrecht Durer.


















After reading the book The Dot, we practiced mixing primary colors to make secondary colors and creating different tints and shades of the color. After some amazing experimenting we worked on creating concentric circles. After the paint dries we will work on curved and straight lines to decorate some of the rings.


After reading the book The Cave Painter of Lascaux, we looked at images of the Lascaux cave paintings and studied the neutral color schemes, how the painters singed their work using their hand prints, and drawing animals to tell a story. First the students practiced drawing animals from pictures in books. After they finished their cave paintings and signing it with their hand print to be like the cavemen artists they shared their story with a friend!


To celebrate the fall season, we read the book The Bumpy Little Pumpkin. Kindergartners are creating their very own pumpkins with a starry night background. We started with our pumpkin shapes and leaves, outlined the drawing in sharpie and then practiced mixing paint on the paper and in our palette using primary colors to create orange, green, and brown.


To finish off the fall season this year, the kindergarten students created Eric Carle inspired leaf paintings. We read a series of Eric Carle books and had a class discussion on his painting process. The students looked closely at the pictures had came up with ideas on how he created texture in the painted paper. The students then created their own painted paper using a variety of materials to create texture and practiced color mixing to create warm colors for their leaves. When the paper dried, the students drew their leaves on the painted paper and cut them out to glue on the tree branch they created. 


First Grade

First graders are working on Self Portraits. We are learning about proportion of facial features and different simple shapes and lines found on the human face. Students used pencil, sharpie and marker to plan and execute their self portrait.


First graders practice concentric circles in a monochromatic color scheme using shades of blue from light to dark to create their moonlight background. The students did such an amazing job using their prior knowledge of letters and shapes to follow along in an instructional drawing of an owl in oil pastel ontop of their moon light background. 


First graders learned about still life art and studied a painting by Henri Matisse for inspiration for our next project. The students looked closely at shapes, colors, and shadows that they  refer back to when creating their own still life painting of apples. The students chose a cool color for their plate and a warm color for the background. The first graders learned about mixed media and incorporated drawing, painting, and printmaking into their artwork.


Second Grade

Second graders are learning how to manipulate water colors through different techniques to create different expressions as well as experiment with color mixing. They are also learning about the history of printmaking and creating their own prints on top of their water colors. 


Second graders celebrate the fall season learning about landscapes and making artistic choices when creating art. We started by reading the book The Bumpy Little Pumpkin. The students created their horizon line and practiced adding shades of color for the sky and grass in oil pastel. After listening to instruction on the basic lines of a pumpkin, the students decided whether to make theirs short, tall, smooth, bumpy etc. We cut out the pumpkins and they made up their own composition of where to glue them down.


Currently in art class, the second grade students are learning about Eric Carl and collaborative art. We started about by reading a variety of Eric Carl books and discussed how he might achieve the texture in his paintings. The students then came together and made up a title for their own book. Working together in groups, the students painted large pieces of paper in different colors while adding some texture that we discussed. The students used the painted paper to create their own animals and they are looking amazing!


Third Grade

Third graders are learning about Pop Art and how to make 2-D materials into 3-D pieces of art. We experimented color mixing with tempera paint and even made our very own sprinkles!



Fourth Grade

Fourth graders are learning about the printmaking process and how to create a series of prints. Our focus is on complimentary colors and color mixing. We used animals for our inspiration and are writing a short story about the animals we created.



Fifth Grade

Fifth graders are learning how to incorporate symbols into their artwork to express an idea or story. We learned about the Mexican Huichol tribe and their yarn painting technique and used their technique and use of color for our inspiration. Using the yarn we are practicing contour lines and how to create depth with color.


Sixth Grade

The sixth graders learned about Chuck Close, a famous realist artists who perfected his technique using the grid method. The students were able to pick their subject from a National Geographic magazine and used the grid method to copy the image into a drawing. After practicing different shading techniques the students applied shading to their drawing to add depth and value.


Halloween is around the corner and what better way to celebrate than decorating the halls with jumbo pop art candy paintings. Sixth graders studied pop art and more specifically works from Andy Warhol to use as inspiration for their candy paintings. We learned about composition/perspective, color theory, line, and more!


Seventh Grade

Seventh graders are learning about Notan positive and negative space designs. When creating their designs they are focusing on organic and geometric shapes as well as formal and informal balance.


7th grade students studied the works of Picasso and focused closely on his portraits of cubism. They are creating a portrait inspired by his work using a metal hanger, nylon, clay, and acrylic paint. Students made preliminary sketch before and after constructing the profile of the face they designed out of the hanger!



Eighth Grade

The eighth graders are learning about Roman mosaics. They created their own by drawing thumbnail sketches of fruit they have chosen and breaking down their drawing into a series of geometric shapes and added value and depth with different shades of color. 


The 8th graders are diving into their first clay project at Ascension! To start out the lesson we practiced drawing distorted faces with a blind contour line drawing. After independent research on history of Gargoyles, students created their own Gargoyle face design in their sketchbook and have begun to build their design into a clay sculpture. I am so impressed with not only the designs the students have created but their ability to make great artistic choices in changing the design after manipulating the clay and seeing what it can do!