Student Council Page

Mr. Sengstock moderates Student Council.


On September 12 after the Mass of the Holy Spirit, Mr. Sengstock presented the Student Council officers and representatives for the school year. These students were elected during the last days of the 2017-18 school year.

President: Will Zimmer
Vice President: Dominic Nowicki
Activity Director: Sam Hansen
Treasurer: Greg Price
Secretary: Lucas Garcia

The complete roster of officers and class representatives is here.


Opening Prayer by Will.                                                       After mass, Mr. Sengstock introduces the officers.


The officers, with candles.                                          The representatives lit their candles from those of the officers.



Mrs. Polega leads in a promise to serve well; Fr. Hurlbert blesses the 2017-18 student council.


The Chamber Orchestra played under the direction of Mrs. Coffman; choristers and student cantors are led by Mr. Anderson.