Nov 19

Christine Ondrla led a Thanksgiving Prayer Service for our Early Childhood student. The children brought a food item to share as part of our school wide food collection. We listened and sang about sharing and caring for all the gifts from God that we are thankful for at this special time of year.

Nov 17

Mrs. Kirchen morning and afternoon classesbaked pumpkin bread.  Each child had a mini loaf to take home. How tasty!

Nov 6

Mrs. Boockmeier's PK4 class "elected" their choice for the best ice cream today, and the winner is...Chocolate!!! 

Nov 6

Goldfish!  The children in Mrs. Kirchen's PK 4 voted for their choice of snacks.  

Nov 3
Nov 3

The Three Year Old Preschoolers went on a walking tour in church on All Saints Day. The children were looking for the Saints in the beautiful stain glass windows.  They know that a Saint loves and follows God always. We found St. Patrick, St. Francis, and St. Daniel.

Then we entered the main door of our school to discover the painted mural of our church, school,the pastor, Ascension students, and the Ursuline Sister. Mrs. Bracco shared the story of discovering this hidden historical mural.

Oct 31

PK-4 children arrived in full costume – and their teachers, too! We had a parade and trick-or-treated, finishing up at the Parish Center. What fun!

Oct 27

Student Council hosted a Halloween Fun Fairs in the Pine Room after school Last Thursday. Students in PK-3, PK-4, and Kindergarten had a lot of fun! Thanks, Student Council! The 2nd Halloween Fun Fair for grades 1, 2, and 3 is on Monday, October 29. 

Oct 25

Firefighter Tim dropped by Mrs. Kirchen's classroom (and all other Early Childhood classes) today to tell PK4 students all about his very important job. Mrs. Boockmeier's class was invited to join in, too! He was really nice, gave us a lot of advice and answered all of our questions. 

Oct 19

How did these ghosts get into our preschool classrooms? Find the answer on Mrs. Bracco's Page and on Mrs. Militello's Page!